5 Reasons Why Jewelry is the #1 Gift for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and showing the ones you love is on high priority this time of year. Jewelry has always been a great gift to show your love, but we want to list out 5 reasons you why solid gold jewelry is the #1 gift for your loved one.

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1. Gold Jewelry will last a lifetime

Unlike flowers, chocolates, or a piece of clothing, solid gold jewelry will last her a lifetime. It will never tarnish, discolor, or turn their skin green. High-quality, solid gold jewelry is made to last forever, just like your love!

2. She’ll wear her Eve Jewelry daily

You’ll be on her mind each and everyday she puts on her Eve Jewelry. Not 

only will this become her favorite accessory, but she will think of you as she receives compliments, and as she continues her collection. 

3. It’s a worthwhile investment piece

The best gift is the gift that never loses value. Gold is known to increase in value over time, making the gift of solid gold rings and necklaces the ideal gift for the one you love most.

4. Gold will always be in style

Trends change constantly, Valentine’s Day gifts such as clothing, shoes, and makeup go in and out of trends throughout the years. Gold jewelry is a forever piece that will always be in style.

5. You can always add to her collection

Gifting her handcrafted, sustainable solid gold jewelry is not just a gift for now, but a gift you can continue giving. Our customers love stacking their rings and earrings, and layering their necklaces. Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Holidays - you can always gift Eve Jewelry. 

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